Hannah Veiga is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist and a graduate of the University of Waterloo Honours Fine Arts program with Intensive Studio Specialization. She works in various methods of making but is primarily interested in the processes of printmaking and sculpture with metal, wire and clay.


In her sculpture work she utilizes materials of metal, copper leaf, wire and clay to create fungal forms, mimicking growth and implying life in strange places. Her work explores fungi's ability to grow and thrive in changing and sometimes unexpected environments; copper wire weaving around found objects, insinuating new life in the residuals. These installations take a playful but also dystopic approach; teasing the idea of reverting manmade objects to their original purpose and allowing growth, decay, and exposure to the elements.  

Her current project is an ongoing series of self-portraits in which she adheres clay fungi sculptures to herself in an exploration of how our bodies are a part of the cycle in life, death, decay and growth. 




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