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Hello, and welcome!


I'm Hannah, a multidisciplinary artist situated in Oakville, Ontario. Thank you so much for stopping by and exploring my work.

Throughout my experience as an artist I've struggled a vast majority of the time with identity and finding my place in the 'art world'. My undergraduate studies in fine arts helped me explore new mediums that I never thought I would have the capacity or resources to experiment with; it was a vibrant five years of dabbling in sculpture, printmaking, performance art, picking up a plasma cutter for the first time and one class had me drawing with my feet. While I allowed myself to become a jack of all trades and wear many hats, I wanted to master one and fall in love with it. 


I disconnected from art for nearly a year after I graduated as I truly did not know where I stood with my relationship to making art. I found some time at the beginning of 2020, as most of us did with the global pandemic, and reconnected to creative writing, gouache painting and some drawing to keep me sane. Through social media and fellow artists I was exposed to the medium of pyrography and fantasized about trying it out for a long while. It wasn't until the end of that year that I finally decided to buy my first wood burning kit and a slab of wood. 

Immediately I felt drawn to create designs that would flow with the wood's already existing movement in the grain. I asked my friends for some suggestions on things to burn into the wood and my personal challenge was to incorporate all of these mismatched ideas into one cohesive design. To give some context, the suggestions involved a flamingo, trees, woodland creatures, bird feet, mushrooms, boobs, and many more inventive ideas. While it was a complete learning curve, the result was better than I had expected and I became completely enamoured with pyrography.

The support I have received on this journey has kept me inspired and moving forward, and I'm so thrilled I can share the things that make my heart happy with you all. I hope these creations can also bring you joy, or at least some curiosity into the world of pyrography.



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