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Hand-made by Roman Bindas, local wood-worker in Toronto, Ontario. Mixed with a special recipe based with Ontario Beeswax, this wood butter is my go-to food-grade finish for all charcuterie boards. With a delicate scent, it applies smoothly and makes your pieces irresistably soft to the touch. It doesn't over darken the artwork but still pulls out the beautiful hues of whatever wood you are working on.




It is always important to sand wood down to at least a 220 grit, wipe with a damp cloth, then sand again.


Apply a small amount of Roman's Wood Butter with a clean cloth, let dry for one hour, then buff off. Only one coat is needed, however re-application over every few uses is recommended depending on how often you need to clean you board with a damp cloth. Store in room temperature, out of sunlight or high temperatures. Ingredients will become more viscous if cold. Never put your charcuterie board in the dishwasher, avoid direct contact with staining food.


While all ingredients are natural, this product is not for consumption. 

Roman's Wood Butter 4oz Jar

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