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For the lover of mountains, hiking, and all things magical about the outdoors! This design was drawn on and burned by hand, then coated with a food-grade, beeswax and mineral oil based finish. 


Dimensions are 20" L x 10.5" W on Curly Maple. The edges of this piece are raw, live edge and have been sanded down lightly to not interrupt the natural look of the wood. There may still be some rough edges. 


Please handle with care - although wood is sturdy and durable, this is still artwork and is susceptible to damage if misused or mishandled. Store out of direct, constant sunlight as UV can fade artwork overtime. 


All sales are final 




Wipe clean with a slightly damp cloth if needed and avoid contact with staining foods. While this board has recieved two coats of  beexwax/mineral oil-basef finish, Overtime the wood may need to be re-hydrated. This can be done with a food safe wax or mineral oil, the need for this depends entirely on frequency of use and is only reccomened to help prolong the integrity of the artwork and the wood. "Roman's Wood Butter", a Toronto made mixture, is what I most commonly use on my boards - available for purchase here.


Please store out of direct sunlight as direct UV exposure will fade the artwork. Not dishwasher safe. 

Yosemite National Park - 20 x 10.5 Inch Charcuterie Board

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