Pricing for custom orders

These are all base prices for the most common custom orders I have done in the past. If you had an idea that you don't see listed below, send me an email and I'm happy to talk about it!

pet portraits

Face portrait 10-14”

$325 CAD + shipping 

Face portrait + collar/neck 15-20”  

$375 CAD + shipping

Full body portrait 15-25”

 $500 CAD + shipping

Additional animal: 

+ $175 (just face) 

+ $190 (face and collar/neck) 

+ $390 (full body) 

Add wire for hanging


Add florals, and/or background

 starting at $50


Add text

starting at $15


Small (10-15 Inches)

Starting @ $180 - small amount fo florals 

Medium (16-20 Inches)

Starting @ $200 - regular amount of florals 


Large (21-24 Inches)

Starting @ $250 - lots of florals 

Larger than 25 Inches - please contact via email 

If you want an pet portrait on a charcuterie board, please see pet portrait pricing and specify for a charcuterie board. 

*appropriate Adjustments to final quote May occur based on your specifications